The Impact of Dutch Harvest Hemp Tea on the Environment (Including Earth Day FREE Shipping Special)

The Impact of Dutch Harvest Hemp Tea on the Environment (Including Earth Day FREE Shipping Special)

Why is Drinking our Delicious Dutch Harvest Hemp Good for the Earth? 

Did you know that growing hemp is good for the earth? To be honest, for a long time, I didn't or at least I didn't think about it and that while I am very much focused on the small things I can do in life, to leave a less big footprint on Mother Earth. But yes, drinking our hemp tea is so good in many ways. You may actually be surprised. In this blog you can read more about why our tea is sustainable and actually good for our earth. There is certainly more good about our hemp tea, but that I will cover in future blogs. Earth Day is today! Enviromental issues are current and real. And sometimes it is just so easy as drinking Dutch Harvest Hemp Tea to contribute to the solution. Read more below.....

Or just jump right to the shipping special: Products – Dutch Harvest Hemp Tea US Through the remainder of April, shipping on the multi packs or any minimum of 4 single packs is free with Discount code Earth Day.  Transportation is unavoidable in our current society, but we can be smart about it. Multiple purchases at once = less trucks on the road!

Growing Hemp is Good for the Earth, and here is why:

Hemp doesn’t need any pesticides or herbicides because it easily outgrows the weeds. Hemp also does well with very little water as the plants have deep roots and can gather water from deep in the soil. We grow our hemp fully organically.

These deep and finely branched roots also improve the structure of the soil in which it’s grown. The powerful, strong plant can reach a stunning 3 meters (10 feet) in just 100 days. That fast growth makes hemp a superstar when it comes to CO2 absorption, helping the world reduce its carbon footprint.

And what about the packaging? Of course sustainable

One of our challenges when developing our sustainable brand: how to develop a real sustainable packaging, while at the same time making sure that it keeps the hemp tea optimally fresh and preserves all its aromas? Dutch Harvest Hemp Tea's packaging combines the following two materials, and it looks so cool!

The paper

No cutting down of any trees for our packaging! The paper used is from agricultural by-products. For instance, the leftover product after crushing the sugarcane in the production process. Therefore, the paper of the packaging of Dutch Harvest Hemp Tea has an even lower footprint than FSC paper or recycled paper. 

The inner layer

The packaging also needs a plastic layer inside to keep the hemp tea fresh and aromatic. And, of course, to give you a sneak peek of what is in the pack! But obviously, we don't want to use conventional plastic made of fossil fuels. I am sure you have heard of microplastics... So I am happy that this packaging uses a ‘bioplastic’, based on cellulose, which is fully compostable. 

The result? When you used all your tea, the packaging composts in industrial composting installations, as well as with your home biodegradable waste. But don't forget to take off the metallic clip that closes the pack. You can re-use it or leave it with your scrap metal (if you are a true recycler).

And there is more...

Look at the images on my website: Dutch Harvest Hemp Tea US 

What do you see? Yes! Loose tea leaves. No little paper bags (not even paper made from agricultural byproducts) or scarier, little 'fancy' compound bags made from plastic leaving micro plastics in your body. What is the best tea bag? You guessed it right, no tea bag at all!

Still not convinced about the goodness of Dutch Harvest Hemp Tea? I only see one solution... Try it! You can't go wrong.

Happy, Healthy Earth Day to all of you.

Thanks for ready my first blog and until next time!

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