Heavenly Organic Hemp Tea

Dutch Harvest Hemp Tea US wants to share this heavenly, healthy hemp tea with you. But our mission is bigger than that: to make everyone rediscover the power of hemp!

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The story behind our tea

  • Hemp is a sustainable crop

    Hemp doesn’t need any pesticides or herbicides. It easily outgrows the weeds.

    Also, hemp can do with little water. The occasional Dutch rain shower is enough. Because the plants have deep roots, they can gather water from deep down the soil.

    Hemp is an extremely fast growing crop. It grows over 3 meters (10 feet) in 100 days.

    Hemp absorbs a lot of CO2 per hectare.

    Finally, hemp improves the structure of the soil due to its deep and finely branched roots.

  • Hemp in ancient times

    For thousands of years, the hemp plant has been an important resource for various populations around the world. The plant is often referred to as ‘the fuel of pre-industrial societies’. It is known, for instance, that in Siberia hemp was used 5000 years ago for food and for textile. In China, the power of hemp was used in tradicional medicine.

  • Organic hemp tea: pure hemp and four hemp blends

    Our hemp tea is available as 100% pure hemp. But we have also developed four delicious hemp blends. We have carefully composed these blends in collaboration with a tea sommelier.

    All our teas are 100% certified organic. And of course, we only use real herbs. No artificial flavors, no sugar, no… Nothing! Just as mother nature intended.

    The taste? mild, fresh and slightly sweet with a bit of a spicy aftertaste. It’s often called a ‘mild, somewhat sweet version of green tea’.

    Hemp tea (officially: ‘hemp infusion’) is naturally free of caffeine. Making it a relaxing cup of tea for the evening.